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Home New Releases A Zombie Love Story “WARM BODIES” waiting for you at The MAJOR! Check it out!

A Zombie Love Story “WARM BODIES” waiting for you at The MAJOR! Check it out!

Published on June 8, 2013 by in New Releases

A tormented zombie (Nicholas Hoult) experiences a profound transformation after entering into an unusual relationship with the daughter (Teresa Palmer) of a military leader charged with eradicating the walking dead. As the unlikely pair build a tenuous bridge between the living and the dead, those on both sides of the battle begin to sense that nothing in their world will ever be the same again. WARM BODIES is based on the novel by Isaac Marion. Rob Corddry and John Malkovich round out the starring cast.
“[I]n doing a little genre bending of romantic schmaltz and horror cheese — some fundamental zombie mythology is turned on its head — the film breathes amusing new life into both.” (Los Angeles Times)

3 stars out of 5 — “The soundtrack is killer and Jonathan Levine‚Äôs got the skills…” (Total Film)

“WARM BODIES is a well-paced, nicely directed, post-apocalyptic love story with a terrific sense of humor…” (Chicago Sun-Times)

“WARM BODIES is an improbable romance sweetened with appealing performances and buoyed by one of the better cute meets in recent romantic comedy…” (New York Times)

“[I]t’s a sweet-natured take on the living dead…” (USA Today)

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