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Home New Releases AMOUR “A masterpiece about life, death and everything in between…” (NYTimes)

AMOUR “A masterpiece about life, death and everything in between…” (NYTimes)

Published on August 21, 2013 by in New Releases

Directed by: Michael Haneke
Starring: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, Isabelle Huppert, Alexandre Tharaud, William Shimell, Ramon Agirre, Rita Blanco, Carole Franck, Dinara Droukarova

An octogenarian couple find their love put to the ultimate test when one of them suffers a stroke, and the other must assume the role of the caretaker in this compassionate yet unsentimental drama from director Michael Haneke. Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne (Emmanuelle Riva) are retired classical-music teachers savoring their golden years in a comfortable apartment when Anne experiences a stroke that leaves her partially paralyzed. As devoted Georges struggles with the formidable task of becoming Anne’s full-time caretaker, a visit from their adult daughter Eva (Isabelle Huppert) reaffirms just how secluded from society the highly educated couple have become since retiring.
4 stars out of 5 — “With its long takes, diegetic music and intimacy, LOVE’s emotional impact builds like snowflakes to the avalanche….The camerawork is also sublime…” (Box Office)

“AMOUR emerges as a delicate and tender elegy for a lifetime of love.” (Sight and Sound)

5 stars out of 5 — “In place of Haneke’s signature nihilism and austerity come warmth, nobility and, yes, love. The drama scars all the deeper for it.” (Total Film)

“It is, more than any of Haneke’s previous work, infused with compassion, but of a sort that cuts like a knife.” (Movieline)

“AMOUR is a perfect storm of a motion picture, with an icy, immaculate director unexpectedly taking on deeply emotional subject matter…” (Los Angeles Times)

“A masterpiece about life, death and everything in between…” (New York Times)

“The subject of Michael Haneke’s shattering AMOUR is right there in the title. It’s about the indignities of growing old and the inevitability of death…” — Grade: A (A.V. Club)

4 stars out of 4 — “[A]n unexpected kind of masterpiece by Haneke…” (Chicago Sun-Times)

“This is moving, but not sentimental filmmaking.” (Uncut)

“AMOUR is full of incomparably beautiful and sad moments….AMOUR has a universal quality.” (USA Today)

3.5 stars out of 4 — “[The actors] give performances of breathtaking power and beauty. Prepare for an emotional wipeout.” (Rolling Stone)

5 stars out of 5 — “[U]ncomfortable, uncompromising, unflinching…and utterly unmissable.” (Empire)

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