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Home New Releases Empire State is based on the true story of an $11 million heist from 1982 w/ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Empire State is based on the true story of an $11 million heist from 1982 w/ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Published on September 4, 2013 by in New Releases

Directed by: Dito Montiel
Starring: Liam Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson, Emma Roberts, Nikki Reed, Michael Angarano

A pair of old friends scheme to rob an armored car company with a cop hot on their tail in this crime drama from director Dito Montiel. Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson star in the Emmet/Furla Films production.

Empire State was directed by Dito Montiel, the man behind the film A Guide To Recognizing your Saints. His last film, The Son of No One didn’t do so well theatrically, and Lionsgate Home Entertainment opted to put Empire State on a VOD release schedule, with a Blu-ray and DVD release following Tuesday, September 3.  Just because the film is hitting VOD instead of theaters doesn’t mean it won’t be worth your time. The flick is based on a script by and starsThe Hunger Games’ Liam HemsworthPain & Gain’s Dwayne Johnson, We Are the Millers’Emma Roberts, and Twilight’s Nikki Reed, Haywire’s Michael Angarano, and Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara. That’s a whole lot of talent crammed into less than two hours of film. 

“Empire State is a drama centered on two childhood friends who plan to rob an armored car depository, and the NYPD officer who stands in their way.”

Like we said, the plot of Empire State is based on a real-life event: in 1982, $11 million disappeared from the offices of the Sentry Armored Car Courier Company in the Bronx in New York. It was thought to be the biggest cash theft in U.S. history at the time. But authorities later said that a considerable amount of the money had been actually embezzled by insiders.

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