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Home New Releases LAWLESS is Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy NOW at Major Video in Northwest Arkansas!

LAWLESS is Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy NOW at Major Video in Northwest Arkansas!

Published on November 27, 2012 by in New Releases

Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Three rebellious, bootlegging brothers find the elusive American Dream within their reach, and fight to maintain their grip as powerful urban gangsters reap the rewards of their hard work in this sprawling Great Depression-era crime drama from director John Hillcoat (THE ROAD, THE PROPOSITION). At the height of Prohibition, ambitious country boy Jack Bondurant dreams of becoming “Public Enemy #1″ while reaping all the benefits that go with the gangster lifestyle. By expanding his family’s moonshining business, he plots to launch a vast criminal empire while winning the heart of beautiful Amish girl Bertha. With his older, intimidating brother Howard by his side, Jack has the brawn to get the job done, too. But they need a strong leader to guide them — a responsibility that falls on their eldest sibling Forrest. Stoic and stalwart, Forrest is the kind of man who holds his cards close, and places a high value on character. Meanwhile, as the three siblings rise to power while battling treachery on both sides of the law, a mysterious woman named Maggie appears out of nowhere, prompting the thoughtful Forrest to question the true price of his outlaw ways.
4 stars out of 5 — “Filled to the brim with top-shelf performances from an impressive cast, and with enough well-executed violence to keep moviegoers of all stripes wide awake, LAWLESS is a minor classic in the making.” (Box Office)

“The sheer appreciation LAWLESS has for its characters and its setting makes it a pleasure to settle into…” (Movieline)

“LAWLESS is a solid outlaw adventure…” (Rolling Stone)

“With his jet-black centre-parted brilliantined hair, fastidious white gloves and clamped-on sneer, Pearce grabs all his scenes with relish…” (Sight and Sound)

3 stars out of 5 — “[T]he grit and dramatic thrills lie with the brooding power players: Hardy, Gary Oldman’s underused kingpin, Pearce’s deliciously chilling creep.” (Total Film)

“[A] sturdy piece of traditionalism….Hardy’s presence is compelling…” — Grade: B (Entertainment Weekly)

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