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In order to keep his promise to an aging Kung-Fu Master, Sifu, Fu the Rabbit, a humble chef, must venture out of the comfort of his kitchen and team up with Penny, a Kung-Fu Prodigy, and her sidekick, Biggie, to go on a heroic quest to defeat Sifu’s arch nemesis, Slash, to save the fate of their Kung-Fu Academy from peril.

The film was released in 62 countries, and was the first Chinese animated feature ever to be shown internationally.

Dove Worldview:
The animation and colors of this movie are vivid and terrific! Visually, it is fantastic as even the lighting and shadows stand out, in both indoor and outdoor scenes.

This film shows that sometimes a simple character that is trustworthy can do the most good. Shifu, a martial arts master, entrusts Fu, a large rabbit, with a tablet to give to his daughter Penny. This will be evidence of her inheritance as Shifu knows his time on Earth is short. Fu has a lot to learn and various characters help along the way, including a small rabbit named Biggie. Shifu has passed his Kung Fu powers on to Fu, but Fu must believe in himself before he can use them to the fullest. And he will need them as a certain evil Panda Bear has his designs on the kingdom and usurping great power.
While the film has several scenes of fantasy violence involving animal characters, there is a lot of fighting, use of weapons, characters being hit on the head with objects, falling, and so on in this movie. For this reason we are recommending it for ages twelve plus. The characters are memorable and the theme of loyalty is not to be missed in this movie!

Rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America for martial arts action and brief mild language.

Genres: Family, Kids
Starring: Jon Heder, Tom Arnold, Rebecca Black, Michael Clarke Duncan, Claire Geare
Directors: Sun Li Jun
Studio: Lions Gate
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Format: Widescreen


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