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PACIFIC RIM– gargantuan monsters-vs.-mammoth-robots smackdown! HERE at The MAJOR!

Published on October 19, 2013 by in New Releases

bluray, dvd, dvd rentals in northwest arkansas, dvd rentals in nwa, Major Video, movie rentals, northwest Arkansas video store coupons, Northwest Arkansas Video Stores, video stores in Northwest Arkansas, video rental, Springdale ar video store, Fayetteville ar video store,Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro teams up with Legendary Pictures to bring audiences a unique take on the monster film with this sci-fi production. Charlie Hunnam (SONS OF ANARCHY) stars as a washed-out controller and pilot of a series of robots called Jaegers, which are put into production after Earth is invaded by a species of giant monsters, the Kaijus. THE BROTHERS BLOOM’s Rinko Kikuchi co-stars as a trainee whom Hunnam is psychically paired with in order to pilot the last beacon of hope — a decommissioned Jaeger assigned to stop the Kaijus once and for all. THOR’s Idris Elba leads the rest of the starring cast, which includes Charlie Day, Rob Kazinsky and Ron Perlman.
“[T]his futuristic world has been carefully thought out and physically created with great skill.” (Los Angeles Times)

3 stars out of 4 — “PACIFIC RIM, thank the gods of cinema, is the work of a humanist ready to banish cynicism for compassion.” (Rolling Stone)

4 stars out of 5 — “[T]his being GdT, the creatures are beautifully ugly creations: machete-faced, blue-acid-barfing, multi-tail-lashing…there’s a Harryhausen-like pulp majesty to their stately wrestles with the Jaegars.” (Total Film)

3 stars out of 5 — “A big, brash, unpretentious B movie…” (Empire)

“Guillermo del Toro’s paradoxically derivative yet imaginative sci-fi epic is everything that monster movies since the beginning of time might have wished they could be.” (Hollywood Reporter)

“[A] gargantuan monsters-vs.-mammoth-robots smackdown…” (Entertainment Weekly)

“Idris Elba is impressive, as always, as Stacker Pentacost, a last-ditch military commander…” (Wall Street Journal)

4 stars out of 4 — “[T]he fights are astonishing….Some of the whirling action has a geometric beauty that’s faintly Cubist, and each fight contains surprises…” (Chicago Sun-Times)

“Godzilla fans will appreciate the minor-key blare that accompanies the monsters’ rampages, as well as a city-in-ashes flashback that evokes the somber tone of the 1956 original.” (A.V. Club)

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