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Home New Releases The Amazing Spiderman drops in MAJOR VIDEO in Northwest Arkansas Nov 9th!

The Amazing Spiderman drops in MAJOR VIDEO in Northwest Arkansas Nov 9th!

Published on November 9, 2012 by in New Releases
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Typical teenager Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) embraces his incredible destiny after uncovering one of his father’s most carefully guarded secrets as Columbia Pictures reboots the Spider-Man franchise.
3 stars out of 4 — “As a new chapter in the superpowered arachnid saga, it stands on its own quite nicely, focusing more on human emotions than on a panoply of special effects.” (USA Today)”Having an actor of this high level of ability goes a long way toward making the implausible plausible, and Garfield also brings an interesting whiff of James Dean-type teen anguish to the role…” (Los Angeles Times)

“[With] several gorgeous setpieces….It’s his journey — not his destination — that makes this reboot worth the ride.” (Box Office)

3.5 stars out of 4 — “This is a more thoughtful film, and its action scenes are easier to follow in space and time….[The story] provides better reasons for why Peter Parker throws himself into his superhero role.” (Chicago Sun-Times)

4 stars out of 5 — “[T]here’s a satisfying thwack to the set-pieces. Parker’s practice flights bruise; a sewer scrap with the Lizard scars; a lab encounter with another mutation shocks.” (Total Film)

“THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN may be the first big-ticket, big-budget, big-action-sequence comic-book movie that doubles as lilting coming-of-age indie.” — Grade: A- (Entertainment Weekly)

“[T]here’s plenty of fancy action to appreciate….Spidey’s webslinging has been upgraded to spectacular laserlike marksmanship.” (Wall Street Journal)

“[W]hat THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN does have is a pair of extremely charismatic leads in Garfield and Stone…” (Movieline)

“THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN arguably represents the most lithe, vital and emotionally potent rendering of the superhero to date.” (Sight and Sound)

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