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This Year’s Most Turbo-Charged Film Now at Major Video Stores in Northwest Arkansas

Published on August 16, 2012 by in New Releases
Northwest Arkansas video store new release
A police raid on a Jakarta tenement building turns into a non-stop bloodbath when the drug dealer who owns it unleashes a furious barrage of fists, bullets, and blades, leaving the few remaining survivors of the invading SWAT team to fight their way up to the top and end the psychotic criminal’s violent reign once and for all. Expectant father Rama (Iko Uwais) is an honest cop with deadeye aim and killer fighting skills. Following orders from his lieutenant — a respected police veteran and mastermind of the ambitious raid — Rama leads his heavily-armed team into the building silently and stealthily. Their mission is to take down Tama (Ray Sahetapy), a vicious criminal kingpin who uses the building as a shelter for both his many customers and his small army of loyal dealers and killers. Even the bravest cops in the city have never dared to breach Tama’s fortress, and once the team’s cover is blown, it quickly becomes apparent why; almost immediately, half of the team is shredded in a vicious barrage of gunfire and machetes. The exits have all been blocked, and with Tama’s men closing in fast Rama’s only hope is to keep going up and take out anyone who gets in his path. Meanwhile, Tama realizes that some of the cops have managed to survive the initial assault, so he unleashes two of his best men to stop them dead in their tracks. With his team cut down to a mere handful and his munitions exhausted, the determined cop vows to complete his mission by whatever means necessary. THE RAID made its North American debut at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, where it quickly gained buzz thanks to an enthusiastic audience reception, while also garnering the Cadillac People’s Choice Midnight Madness Award.

“Prizing speed and impact, THE RAID unfolds as a series of high-impact setpieces….The focus is on grace and skill, the blistering speed of the choreography, and the personal panache the performers inject into their combat.” (Film Comment)

3.5 stars out of 4 — “RAID is the year’s most turbo-charged film, an Indonesian martial-arts movie that ups the violence by giving its characters a modern-day worldview — and weaponry.” (USA Today)

“[A] slam-bang, knock-your-socks-off action bonanza with some of the most peerlessly shot, performed and choreographed fight sequences you’re likely to see on screen.” (Los Angeles Times)

4 stars out of 5 — “An orgiastic barrage of violence, THE RAID: REDEMPTION is, at least in its finest moments, one of the most breathless, blistering action movies in recent memory.” (Box Office)

“The emphasis here is speed: The fight choreography is blisteringly quick, designed to make viewers gasp, and then cheer.” — Grade: B+ (A.V. Club)

“The fight scenes in this Indonesia-set pressure cooker of an underworld thriller are done in the vintage hand-to-hand style of highly choreographed martial arts.” (Entertainment Weekly)

“Opening with the image of a ticking watch placed beside a gun, THE RAID: REDEMPTION is, as those props would suggest, a tense, hyper-violent action thriller…” (Sight and Sound)

“[A] genre mash-up — part John Carpenter B-movie, part high-concept action thriller, mostly a martial arts kick-em-up….It’s inventive…” (Uncut)


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